Remix songs using tiles!

Each tile has a color and represents an instrument or a particular musical stem. For instance, a yellow tile may represent guitar, and a light blue tile may represent vocal. When two tiles are put next to each other (connected), they will start playing. For instance, connecting a yellow and a light blue tile may produce guitar and vocal sound. However, the sound of each instrument depends on where the tile is connected. Connecting a tile to the North side gives one sound, another sound is produced when connecting the tile to the East side, another sound is produced to the South side, and another to the West side. Having two, three or four tile neighbors connected may also produce different sounds, depending on how the music composer has made the song. For instance, the guitar may sound in up to seven different ways, depending on how you connect the tile representing guitar.

By playing around with the modular tiles of a song, you will discover the different sounds of the tiles, and become able to make your own remixes. Your remixes will depend on how, where, and when you connect and disconnect the tiles, and how well you train yourself to do this.

Red tiles have no music in them and can be used as default tiles that allow you to produce the sound of a specific side of another tile. The red tiles make it easier for you to make "islands" of tiles. It is not necessary for all tiles to be connected. You can, for instance, put them together in islands of two and two. The way you choose to put the modular tiles together all depends on the way you want to play with them to produce your favorite sound.

In the bottom, there is a menu through which you can choose the song that you have downloaded and want to play with. You download new songs by pressing Download Song, choosing the song you want to download (e.g. from Buy a MusicTiles Song), and entering your Apple ID password for payment. Song bundles (with three song versions) are 1.99$ each. Afterwards the song is downloaded and stored in your app for you to play with it.

Next to the play button, there is a record button which allows you to record the performance that you are making into your own version of the song. Afterwards, you can replay your recorded version of the song from the menu (MT Mixes). You can also email your recorded version of the song to your friends or share on by sending to

Songs may use more or less tiles, depending on the number of instruments being used in the song, and some songs may use A, and B pieces on iPads. In such a case, the different pieces can be chosen in the small bar above the menu bar. Above this bar is another small bar indicating the time, which may facilitate your musical performance with the modular tiles.


The app is based on the concept of RoboMusic developed by Professor Henrik Hautop Lund, combining inspiration from modular robotics, embodied artificial intelligence and playware. It was first developed by Entertainment Robotics and used in a live performance with physical modular tiles together with World music award winner, Funkstar De Luxe: Later, other modular objects for RoboMusic were developed by Entertainment Robotics such as RollingPins and Light&Sound Cylinders, and at the Center for Playware, Technical University of Denmark, such as BeatBlocks (Baerendsen, Falkenberg, Jessen, Nielsen) for the RockMe exhibition and the Danish Rock Museum.

The novel concept of virtual tiles for RoboMusic was developed by Luigi Pagliarini and Henrik Hautop Lund. The initial implementations and musical tests were performed by Massimo Leggieri, Kasper Falkenberg, Tore Nissen, and Martin Ottesen.


  • MusicTiles works with iPhone 4 and higher and iPads.
  • WiFi, Edge, or 3G Network required to download music.
  • Needs 5% free space on the iPhone/iPad.
  • On iPad-II and higher, it is further possible to have A and B pieces of some songs.
Release: 8 Jan 2013
Available on the iPhone App Store Buy now$2,99