Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I cannot hear any music, why?
Please check your device’s main volume or check if you have switched the audio off.

2. The app starts, but I cannot hear anything. Why?
Please connect at least 2 tiles to hear the mix playing

3. I only get one song with the app. Should I not have many more?
Yes, the app comes with different song versions. You need to download these. Please click on the menu with the song title in the lower right corner. Then select “Download/Buy Song”. In the next menu, you find all the free songs to download marked “FREE”. Please click on one of them to download that song version.

4. I wanted the whole So album, how do I get it?
In the menu “Download/Buy Song”, at the top you can select “Buy a MusicTiles Song”. In this menu, you can select the So album, or a song bundle to buy, and afterward enter your Apple id password for payment. Hereafter, having made the payment, the songs will appear in the “Download/Buy Song menu” for you to download one after another.

5. It takes a long time to download a song – why?
Each MusicTiles song is composed of 42 tracks, so the app needs to download all these to your device. It may take ½-1 minute depending on your connection. If the connection is flaky, you may experience a problem, then please check your connection.

6. The app seems to crash. What can I do?
Please reboot your device to clear the memory of your device. The iOS and the music app needs memory of your device. Please check that you are not using all the memory of your device, e.g. by having too many other apps running in the background.

7. I have problems with my app which are not solved by rebooting my device. What can I do?
Please try to delete the app and reinstall it from AppStore. You can always reinstall for free based on the initial purchase.

8. I still have problems. What do I do?
Please email support trying to explain as clear as possible when the error happens to you, what device and iOS system you are using. Email:

Release: 8 Jan 2013
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