Songs are available in MusicTiles bundles. In a bundle, there are 3 different versions of the song, so that you can create different music styles of the song using MusicTiles. The bundles can be bought at $1.99 from the MusicTiles app on your iPhone or iPad.

Available song bundles

Red RainPeter Gabriel
SledgehammerPeter Gabriel
Don't Give UpPeter Gabriel
That Voice AgainPeter Gabriel
Mercy StreetPeter Gabriel
Big TimePeter Gabriel
This is the picture - excellent birdsPeter Gabriel
In Your EyesPeter Gabriel
Love PhaseNomatisan
MoreCarpark North

Coming soon: Nephew, D.A.D., Rasmus Seebach



"Twisted and glitchy electronics that take these classic tracks into the future. The mission impossible of making Big Time even more funky than the original. And Red Rain more beautiful and dark. The groove and emotion constantly changes as you turn tiles. Which only proves that Peter Gabriel's songs are so well written, that they work in all kinds of environments."

Kasper Falkenberg:

“This music is a part my upbringing. The sound of it brings up emotions and memories from the last 25 years. It still seems fresh and vital to me and being able to look closely at the pieces and solely bring them together has inspired me to re-create these amazing songs for MusicTiles. Therefore, I wanted to help you to have a look at as much original material as possible. I have cut, produced, tweeked and record quit a lot but I have tried to be as faithful as possible to the original sound and vibe of “So”.”

Simon Luth:

This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds):
As the original is very stactic and monotone sounding, harmonic wise, I thought it would be interesting to add a some new chords and alternative bass lines Tried to maintain the spoken word vibe, but did quite a lot of voice manipulation. I aimed for a dirty, crushed, industrial sound in the drums and bass section.

In Your Eyes:
My intital thought was to implement a lot of different elements from the various PG live versions of this song, I've heard over the years. I did some new backing vocals and messed around with the original vocals as well. Had a lot of fun making orchestral percussion to fit in this arrangement. Did quite a few new keyboard parts also.


This Is Picture
I changed the beat measure to 4/4 because I wanted to make a more straight and groovy remix. The vocals are very suitable for this kind of remix, which is loop-based. As with my other remixes I wanted to mix the original parts with new ones, especially the synth parts.

Big Time
This song simply begged to be remixed into a funky electro groove. The chorus vocals are made for a very energetic production and this one is the most clubby one of my remixes.

In Your Eyes
A mid-tempo anthemic remix. The vocals called for a big sounding production. So I used plenty of polysynths, pads and strings. The beat and bass add groove even though the track plays well without.

Mercy Street
I decided to keep the original tempo of Mercy Street and then make it even more minimalistic to give room to Peter Gabriel's vocals. I kept some of the original percussion elements and even added a very subtle kick drum.

Sledge Hammer
In this remix I wanted to keep most of the original instrument parts in the loop. I have added a beat and dubbed some of the signature parts, e.g. the horns. A few new synth parts add flavour to the mix.

Red Rain
This remix has A- and B-sides where A is part of the verses and B the chorus. They do not have the same length which gives interesting results when jumping between the two. I have added several synth layers to complement the original guitar parts.

That Voice Again
I wanted to remix That Voice Again into a big and energetic production. The bass track is very important together with the beat. They give the remix energy and new synths layers widen the mix together with the vocals.

Don't Give Up
In this remix Peter Gabriel's verses are the A-side and the chorus with Kate Bush is the B- side. Even though the original song seems to be in a low tempo the percussion tracks are quite tempo-driven. I have added several synth pads and a few percussion elements.

The songs are produced in MusicTiles format by

  • Kasper Falkenberg (executive producer)
  • Martin Ottesen
  • Tore Nissen
  • Søren Balsner
  • Frederik Thaae
  • Thomas Knak
  • Simon Luth
Release: 8 Jan 2013
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